St. Gilgen

Saint Gilgen in the Wolfgang's lake is a very popular holiday place, owns a special attraction, by marvellous situation, however, also by the mood here to feel is, pure joy of life. Here it was born the mother of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and his sister lived in Saint Gilgen. To idyllic footpaths on the sea shore is formed affectionately a poem, and who wants to have a little thrilling one to him an excursion on the Zwölferhorn which is to be mastered with the cable railway is recommended. The footpath in the Zwölferhorn is very slightly passable and family-friendly! The view is wonderful and breathtaking. There is also a ship connection this, Saint Gilgen with both other Wolfgang's lake places Strobl and Saint Wolfgang connects. In the centre of Saint Gilgen we find rounding excellent catering trade local them our stay here, in addition, with culinary pleasure.